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Reconsidering the consent form:​ the least user-friendly aspect of UX research​

April 3, 2024

This blog explores why and how we implemented a comprehensive participant consent process in our user research.

Optimizing the federal digital experience: aligning content governance, coordination, and database development

February 20, 2024

This blog post dives into the details of building a dynamic content database and audit for Learn how effective subject matter expert (SME) coordination, strategic content planning, and application of visualization tools contribute to enhancing content governance and user experience on a federal website.

Maximizing impact of federal websites: integrating metrics with annual goals and policies

January 24, 2024

This blog discusses our strategic decision to reassess our metrics plan to align more effectively with annual high-level goals as well as to harmonize with policies governing federal public websites.

Managing a high-performing dream team in the federal government

November 27, 2023

Agile management has not only streamlined our project execution but has also transformed our team culture. This blog discusses how following a consistent agile schedule and utilizing project management tools on the Open Data, Design, and Development (ODDD) team at the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) fosters a culture of shared ownership and ensures accountability.

Creating a functional inventory database for website content audits

September 21, 2023

When taking out of maintenance mode, one of our first tasks was to complete a site-wide content audit. This blog post explains how we modified our content inventory spreadsheet to be a functional database.