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How we do quality assurance

December 4, 2020

In this post, we discuss how we are evaluating, improving, and documenting our quality assurance processes.

Joining the team: my onboarding experience at the Office of Natural Resources Revenue

October 28, 2020

In this post, our intern discusses her experience with our team's onboarding process and takeaways from her experience.

MDX, not your parents' markdown

September 16, 2020

We have decided to implement React components in our Markdown by using the new MDX format (Markdown for the component era).

Open source card sorting

August 26, 2020

We used GitHub to conduct a card sort and thought we should share what we learned.

Virtual Student Federal Service: my UX apprenticeship journey

July 7, 2020

Our second UX intern has made numerous contributions to and the Natural Resources Revenue Data website during her time with us. In this post, she discusses the projects she has been working on and takeaways from her experience.